Digital fingerprint of Greek Wineries

Research by Marquelink, updated 5/7/2021

Marquelink team has started a detailed mapping of what we call the “Digital Fingerprint” of Greek Wine Makers. Based on our ongoing analysis, we have manage to create and maintain an extended data base of information regarding the performance of Greek wineries in the digital world.

Since 7th September 2020, the data included, is based on an extended sample of 255 Greek wineries. You can see the complete list of wineries here.


The research is mainly focused to the social media with the highest penetration (facebook, instagram) and to wine related platforms, like, which capture actual market trends, through the product reviews posted by actual buyers / consumers.

The update of the data base is an ongoing process, since this is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. The findings of this research are updated and presented in a weekly basis.

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