(pronounced /mɑːrk/ - /lɪŋk/)

Today’s socioeconomic environment, is rapidly characterized, predominantly by digital experiences, both for individuals, as well as for businesses. The shattering changes brought by the advent of the COVID19 pandemic, inevitably tip the scales in favor of digital interactions and digital strategies. This is not a new trend – it has simply accelerated tremendously, since the beginning of 2020.

At Marquelink we’ve long been firm believers of the following motto:

There’s no Digital Strategy
Just Strategy for a Digital World!

Our mission is to create & offer, a diverse – easy to use – technology toolset, for the producers of branded (marque = brand) Consumer Packaged Goods – Services, in order to establish a direct & interactive link with the buyers & consumers of their products.

Marquelink™ offers a SaaS solution, deployed instantly, with a straightforward “Pay as you Grow” pricing plan, to create, nurture & expand a brand’s “fans” community.